If you're craving a high-frequency space where you will:

- amplify your connection to your higher senses

- access out-of-this-realm creativity and inspiration, and

- unleash your ability to change the world through your voice and your work


You were born to access your full energetic artistry



$150 AUD per month

Less than the original $99 USD per month!

This incredible membership includes:

  • MONTHLY live channeled calls to help you to understand, connect with AND open your own energetic senses, creativity channels and energetic performance codes
  • A quantum clearing session during every call to help you to shift your specific energetic blocks! (instantly $444 value!)
  • A high-frequency Telegram space to connect with and share your experiences with other creatives, performers and coaches (no more hiding your gifts!)

  • And more!

Cancel anytime - so you can stay as long as is perfect for you.


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And if you want VIP support...


Work with your energetic team and Akashic record to:

- gain insight into your specific energetic gifts

- understand what's holding you back

- and identify your next step in accessing your full creativity and voice NOW.

Now's your chance to grab a VIP channeled 1:1 sessions for only $444 (normally $777)

Includes 2 x 30min sessions that you can anytime during your membership!

About Andi

Hi beautiful soul! I’m a Performance Coach, Psychic Medium, Comedian & Actress, and I love all things spirituality, creativity and energetics. My magic in this world is creative performance coaching with a psychic-energetics twist, and I love working with actors, comedians, performers, creatives and soul-led leaders like you who are ready to change the world through their passion and their voice.

It's my mission to help you awaken your energetic artistry & psychic gifts, reconnect with your body and voice so you can channel out-of-this-realm creativity and inspiration, and change the world through jaw-dropping live performances and creative mastery.

Why me? Because I deeply understand what it takes to overcome challenges like performance anxiety, shame, trauma and fear to step fully into my psychic gifts, confidently perform on global stages (and screens) as a leader and an actor who has a big mission, and live fully aligned with my purpose.

If you are ready to step into your full potential and reach levels of creativity, artistry and performance beyond your wildest dreams & change the world - let's go! xo

For the soul-led artists, creatives, performers & leaders who are here to change the world...

Your creative soul has been calling you for as long as you can remember.

You have also always known deep down you have unique energetic and creative GIFTS. And that there is something INCREDIBLE that you are meant to be doing with them.

Now is the time to finally TRUST your gifts, step into your incredible creative power, and deliver the art and performances that will CHANGE THE WORLD.

Fine print: All prices in AUD. A discounted VIP upgrade session is for 2 x 30min sessions. VIP upgrade session to be used within 30 days of purchase. Access to quarterly Q&A sessions, mini-trainings, and any bonuses is only available during an active membership (if you cancel your membership before the next quarterly Q&A session or course, unfortunately, you will not have access to the next session). Please also note that there is a strict no-refund policy in place for all memberships, however, you can cancel your membership up to 48 hours before your next renewal/billing date via written email notice. This means you can stay as long as feels empowering for you. I can't wait for you to join us - this is going to be incredible! Visit Terms, Refund Policy & Conditions for full conditions that you are agreeing to when joining QUANTUM.