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Performance Artisty Coach. Medium. Actress

This is energetics & performance coaching like you've never seen it before... and the key to your next level of performance mastery.

no ordinary performance coach

Andi is a Performance Coach, Quantum Medium, Actress, Improv Comedian and Energetic Artisty Master.

Her magic is working with actors, comedians, musicians and creatives like you to transform passion and talent into audience-moving sold-out performances.

As a third-generation psychic medium with decades of energy and performance training, Andi masterfully brings together the world of creative performance and quantum energetics (your ability to access quantum field/akashic/source energy) to change the performance game - all in a really grounded and accessible way.

Why work with Andi? Her coaching is world-class the only of its kind in the world. Together you will recode your fear/anxiety/pre-show nerves, unlock your ancestral and akashic performance abilities, amplify your connection to your higher creativity, unleash the full power of your voice and stage presence... and so much more. All grounded in real-world experience!

If you are ready to unlock your full energetic potential and reach the creativity, artistry and confidence of your dreams - Andi is the coach for you.

one-of-a-kind coaching


performance artistry coaching

One-on-one. Elevating. Life changing.

Focusing on the energtic & invisible side of performance - mindset, intuition, energy, intention, quantum potential and more - this coaching will help you to master your ENTIRE performance artistry and etch your legacy on the stage.

Who this is a MUST for:

  • Actors who are ready to unlock new levels of themselves and deliver explosive performances
  • Comedians & Improvisers who want to elevate their comedy and attract sold-out crow (especially for MICF)!
  • Performing Artists who are ready to tap into a new level of uniqueness and audience connection
  • Singers & Live Musicians who want to ignite lasting connections with their audience through their music
  • And anyone who wants to feel powerful on a stage or screen (including your socials!)

What we will work on:

  • quantum energy and how to tap into it
  • releasing doubt and fear
  • unlocking your ancestral and akashic performance abilities and bravery
  • connecting with and moving audiences
  • overcoming pre and mid-performance hiccups (stage fright, emotion, negging) and getting back to delivering the best show of your life
  • the ultimate pre-show energy routines for jaw-dropping performances
  • quantum timeline jumping
  • and so much more!

You won't find this kind of coaching ANYWHERE ELSE!

supporting you at every turn


Learn how to release your nerves, open your creative channels, unlock your confidence and go after those bigger roles


Master the energetics that will help you abolish pre-show anxiety, super-charge your energy & deliver like never before


Unlock your full performance artisty, ignite on all levels & deliver the performances that will remembered forever


The one-of-a-kind on-set/tour personalised support unlike any other. The stuff that makes dreams come true.


If you're craving a high-frequency collective where you will:

- amplify your connection to your higher senses

- access out-of-this-realm creativity and inspiration, and

- unleash your ability to change the world through your voice and your work

the QUANTUM membership is for you.

results that change the game

I am blown away! Andi has the rare combination of being an intuitive medium and a grounded performance pro. She is able to uncover the underlying energetic issue and give you the steps to move forward. It is amazing what she is able to do in less than an hour!"

Diedre N


What an incredible experience! It was simply amazing uncovering a story I didn’t think I had! I feel now I may reach goals that I have not even considered! Thank you! xxx

Lisa K


"Andi is amazing! She is very accurate! She gets straight through to the performance issue you are facing and how to clear it. Working with her has given me the focus and direction I needed. Thanks you so much Andi!. 🙏"

Suzie W


Andi, I am so grateful for this clarity and direction. You are a delight to work with. This is going to change my performance and confidence, and I can't thank you enough!

Sabina S


The intuitive messages from my guides through you was incredibly inspiring - they were specific, relevant, and supportive. I am looking forward to having another session with you. Xx

Melinda B


Wow, Andi is amazing at what she does! I came to her feeling very stuck... and she blew me away. If you need help to go the next level, Andi is your person!

Romany H


not sure what you need?


Energetics & performance coaching like you've never seen it before... and the key to your next level of performance mastery.



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